Renovation Loans: What can they do for you?

Renovation Loans

The amazing reality of home buying today is that loan providers have more options for you than ever. Many of us recognize home buyer programs for first-time buyers or low-income families, but renovation loans are an often-overlooked option that can help realize your dream home. Most of us think of renovations in terms of our favorite home makeover shows (such as HGTV’s Fixer Upper), but the definition of a renovation in financing terms does not require busting out walls and cabinetry. And in addition, when used smartly, renovation loans can help home buyers navigate a competitive market (like ours) and save money!

Renovation financing covers a wide variety of work on the home, from cosmetic to structural. The one limitation is that you may not set a new foundation using renovation funds, but with most programs, almost every other scenario will be covered without question. Need to cosmetically update your house before selling? Covered. Want to purchase a particular home but need an extra bedroom? Covered. Are you changing the exterior paint color and fencing the yard? Covered. Simply put, these loans are a tool to help homeowners make changes to their home now that will give them long-term gains. Think outside of the box!

These renovation loans are simple!

One of the most attractive features of renovation loans is the simplicity of repayment. These loans are typically rolled into a 30-year mortgage, making the billing simple and the monthly payments affordable. Mortgage interest rates are stabilizing at a historic low of around 4%, and your renovation loan will accrue interest at the same low rate. Qualification for these loans vary depending on who will be living in the home. Owner occupants qualifying for the loan must have 3-5% of the down payment, second home buyers must have 10% down, and investors must have 15% down. Credit scores are also considered in the pre-qualification as in a standard loan. Looking for an Asheville mortgage lender? Give us a call for our recommendations on lenders in Asheville.

How can renovation loans help sellers?

You can benefit from renovation loans even if you are not personally obtaining one. Think about this scenario: You have inherited a home that is in desperate need of updating. You are looking to sell the property because you are busy and the maintenance has become a burden. Traditionally, buyers are looking for move-in ready homes, and it would be necessary to pay out of pocket to update the home before listing it. But we say “use your resources!” Consult your realtor and have them assist you in creating a vision board for your home. Vision boards are a compilation of suggested updates in flooring, cabinetry, structure, appliances, and the like to help

potential home buyers envision what your home could become. In addition to the vision board, have a mortgage lender provide pamphlets on renovation financing to include at your next open house. Without spending a dime of your money, you will provide a desirable vision of the home space for potential home buyers and inform them on the financing that will make that vision a reality. Even if your home is not in ideal condition, you may not have to be the one to pay for the restorations!


They are other situations where renovation loans may help. The situation may arise where a home for sale has missing or broken utilities, making the home unlivable. If a buyer applies for a renovation loan, you may close on the transaction without having those systems repaired. The funds for the repair are available immediately after close, so contractors can get right to work. Some Asheville mortgage lenders will settle invoices with the contractors directly, rather than pushing that responsibility on you. How convenient!

How can renovation loans help home buyers?

If you are a home buyer looking to purchase in Western North Carolina, home inventory is incredibly low, and some of the properties for sale are not in the best condition. Instead of competing with buyers over move-in ready homes (which often end with multiple offers over asking price), look for real estate steals in the area and obtain the renovation financing before closing to alter the home to your liking. You could save money and have a more suitable home if the price is right. Additionally, consulting your realtor can help you make targeted decisions on what improvements will guarantee higher appraisal and market value. With a plan in mind, don’t delay your home renovation projects until you have all the money in place. Take advantage of the low mortgage interest rates and get the funds you need now!

This article has only scratched the surface on the situations that renovation loans can help you. For more information on loans in Asheville, please feel free to consult our team at (828) 585-7370.

April 2017 Asheville Real Estate Market Report

 Asheville Real Estate Market Report


A Look at the Buncombe County Real Estate Market

April 2017 has remained steady in the real estate market. In Buncombe county, 276 homes have sold this month, about a fourth of the total homes on the market. As there continues to be a low inventory of homes and a high rate of interest, there is a strong seller’s advantage in this area. However, historic lows in mortgage interest rates makes it a great time to buy as well.

What does this mean if you are looking to sell a home in Buncombe County?

If you are currently looking to sell your home in Buncombe County, you will have the advantage. April 2017 shows listings spend an average of 60 days on market, and receive 97.9% of the asking price at close. This closing to list price ratio is nearly the highest it has been in over 10 years, indicating increased competition during the offer process. Our team, the Eskritt Group, has a closing to list price ratio of 99.2%, 1.3% above other agents in Buncombe county. With the median home price in Buncombe County being $291,000, using the Eskritt Group to sell your home would yield you $3783 more on average than using a different realtor.

What does this mean if you are looking to buy a home in Buncombe County?

Money is cheap! The mortgage interest rates are currently sitting at 4.05%, which is following the historic lows for mortgage rates since 2008. This allows you to afford more home for the same monthly payment. In 2008, the mortgage interest rates were 6.03% on average, meaning that if you could spend $1,200 a month on housing, your mortgage would cover a $200,000 home. However, with the current interest rate at 4.05%, the same $1,200 payment could afford a $250,000 home. Take advantage of these historically low interest rates, as they can truly influence how much property you can afford.

Asheville Real Estate Market – Condos

The Buncombe county market saw 51 condo sales in April at a median price point of $212,000. The average 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo is going for $230,485, which you can afford at $1107 a month at the current interest rates. Rather than renting an apartment, it is a wise idea to invest your money into a property that accrues value as opposed to paying a landlord. Any site-built property appreciates around 3.4% of the market cost annually (according to the Case-Schiller Index), but rent payments accrue no value.

Asheville Real Estate Market – Single Family Homes

If you are looking for single family homes for sale here in Buncombe County, now is a great time to do so. Single family residences continue to rise in value, all while remaining relatively more affordable in comparison to the rental market. The average 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in this county goes for $201,000, constituting a $965 monthly payment at current interest rates. The Asheville Citizen Times reported in April that the median rent for a 2 bedroom property in Asheville is $1,180 a month, making it actually cheaper to invest in real estate.

Wrap-Up of our Asheville Real Estate Market Report

Although there is a seller’s advantage in the current real estate market, it truly is a great time to buy or sell real estate in Buncombe County. With low interest rates, you can afford more home for the same monthly payment. Low inventory of homes for sale causes increased competition in the bidding process, securing more of the asking price than usual. If you are feeling ready to move forward with purchasing or selling property, the Eskritt Group would appreciate the opportunity to represent you in this hot market. With over 35 years of experience between us, we have the tools to make your transaction more stress-free and the competence to keep your real estate dreams on track. Call (828) 585-7370 to find out how we can help you today.



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The Ramble Biltmore Forest Community in Asheville, NC


Welcome to The Ramble Biltmore Forest, a private gated community in South Asheville that is more than a community; it’s also a lifestyle. Let me paint the picture for you. The Ramble is a luxury community situated on property just south of the famous Biltmore Estate. The streets wind through charming forested hills, and are decorated by vibrant landscaping inspired by the design principles of Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect responsible for the gardens at the Biltmore Estate.

Beyond the beauty of the neighborhood, The Ramble provides many opportunities for the residents to mingle and explore their interests, from community events like The Ramble Art Crawl, to weekly clubs meetings like the Hiking Club and the Gardening Club. Read the weekly newsletter to find out what events are coming up, discover what they are reading in the book club, or register for a cooking class at the Living Well Center!

If you lead an active lifestyle, The Ramble Biltmore Forest has something for you too! Residents enjoy a private 11-acre park containing soccer fields, basketball courts, a fire pit, a natural amphitheater, a botanical garden, and a playground for the kids! Why drive to the park? Additionally, each home can easily access 15 miles of hiking trails that connect the entire community and show off the best of these amazing grounds.  For those looking to get in serious shape, the Living Well Center offers fitness equipment, a lighted tennis court, and a Junior Olympic-sized swimming pool as well. Nothing like a neighborhood that supports a healthy lifestyle!

If you choose to build or purchase a home here, you will be delighted to know that The Ramble supports a broad range of custom home design. No cookie-cutter houses here! Choose to work with 9 featured builders or start your own design from scratch with HOA approval. There are currently 15 available lots ranging from 0.51 to 1.69 acres and from $239k-730k, with additional future phases planned. All homes are provided city water, city sewer, fiber optics, and natural gas. You can expect the average market price of a home in this neighborhood to run $1-1.2 million, but the options truly range from $700k – $3 million.

The Ramble delivers a unique experience for its residents, including the proximity to local amenities. Enjoy a short drive to Ingles, Fresh Market, Earthfare, Gold’s Gym, and the shopping complexes in Biltmore Forest and off of Hendersonville Road. Downtown Asheville is a short 15 minute drive, and both Mission Hospital and the Asheville Regional Airport are a 10 minute drive. The most spectacular amenity is access to Biltmore Park Town Square through the private Southern Gate, which is no more than bike ride away to amazing restaurants, stores, and the Regal Biltmore Grande Stadium 15 movie theater.

For the families with children, The Ramble is served by a selection of great public and private schools. Estes Elementary School, Valley Springs Middle School, and TC Roberson High School are the public options for this neighborhood. Carolina Day Private School and Asheville Christian Academy are private options nearby. Additionally, feel safe on the hiking trails with your kids as the neighborhood provides 24 hour security and a limited access gate. With great choices for education and recreation in a safe environment, this is the perfect neighborhood for growing families!

The Ramble Biltmore Forest is a truly unique community combining the best of location and lifestyle. To learn more about making your home at The Ramble,  take a day to meet with an agent and explore what this community can offer you. This neighborhood is highly desirable, so show your interest early! Call us at (828) 585-7370 today so we can take you on your own private tour, and show you what is currently available!


Southcliff Community in Fairview, NC

Southcliff Community in Fairview, NC

Normally, privacy and convenience are mutually exclusive. However, the residents of Southcliff truly enjoy the “best of both worlds.” Tucked away in the mountains of Fairview, North Carolina, this 400-acre gated community will charm you immediately. The homes are built on the sloping face of Cedar Cliff Mountain, so most roads and homes in this neighborhood enjoy a long-range view of Bear Wallow and Pisgah Mountain Chains. Peppered throughout the three individual communities is 175 acres of a sprawling and healthy forest, which houses 6 miles of exclusive hiking trails for the residents. While this community boasts of the best of rural living, it lies only a short seven-minute drive to Downtown Asheville, and a ten-minute drive to the Tunnel Road’s shopping malls and complexes. You would be hard pressed to find a gated community like this anywhere!

The Neighborhoods of Southcliff

The homes for sale in Southcliff are even more beautiful than the view, but there are very distinct neighborhoods within this community. Hawk’s Branch is a collection of handsome upscale townhomes with open floor plans and 2 car garages. These homes are 3,375 sq. ft, containing 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a large balcony facing the ranges. With only a couple units left, these homes are highly desirable.

Also on the smaller end of Southcliff homes is the development Cottages at Still Creek. Depending on your choices of an optional basement or upper level, these cottages can range from 1,800 to 3,000 sq. ft. Perfectly sized for a small family, each cottage contains 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The details that Amarx Construction put into these homes are what makes them over the top stunning: granite countertops, maple cabinetry, hardwood floors, stacked stone fireplaces, and more. You can secure one of these treasures for 450-560k, which is a great value for this area!

The next neighborhood up the mountain is East Owl Creek, with homes boasting larger lots, house styles near 3000 sq. ft., and ranging from 500-650k. This community was the first to be completed in Southcliff, and homes rarely turn over due to the durable construction and great vantage points. East Owl Creek is great for families, as it has hiking access to a small lake, and is a short walk from the community playground and pavilion. A comparable neighborhood, Laurel Park, lies on the other side of the cliff face from East Owl Creek. Laurel Park has slightly smaller lots, but has access to its own private park where families can play sports or have a picnic.

Phase 2 of Southcliff contains 6 neighborhoods: Elkmont, Peregrine’s Ridge, Poplar Grove, Red Tail Court, Twin Creeks, and Wonderlynd. All of the properties are located higher on the mountain, have larger acreage per lot, and start around 750k for the smallest model. There are lots available in these developments, allowing you to customize your home design with the help of the builders.

At the very top of the mountain, there are plans to create one last community called Cliff Tops. Although this portion of Southcliff will not be available for 34 months, there are only 25 lots, so it is expected that they will go incredibly fast. Homes adorning Cedar Cliff Mountain will start at 1.5 million, or just 350k for the lot. Cliff Tops will have access to a challenging array of hiking trails, a small stream, and the most remote privacy of the entire development. The views from Cliff Tops are the most expansive, and can see a good portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina.

Fairview Community

Southcliff is located in the town of Fairview, NC, where a large majority of the town is centered around farming and local ranching. In the Fairview 2016 Citizen Survey, 96.7% of those who answered believe that Fairview should encourage continued agricultural activities, while only 19% supported an increase in industry. Many locals would like for Fairview to keep its quaint country charm, as this was the number one reasons residents decided to call Fairview home. Other reasons that attract families to Fairview are low taxes, being close to family, and low crime (98.2% of residents claimed to feel either ‘somewhat safe’ or ‘very safe’). While the town strives to stay smaller, there are a few bars and restaurants that the locals frequent. The Local Joint is a quirky New American diner that is the hot spot during lunch, and of course the Fairview Tavern is always great for a philly cheesesteak and a drink from the full service bar. The convenience of this gated community to Asheville’s shopping and professional services allows Southcliff residents to live comfortably while not sacrificing the secluded charm of this quaint mountain village. Southcliff is truly a special mountain retreat.

Check out more about Southcliff on their website. 

Bonito Ocaso

Bonito Ocaso in Asheville

Looking for homes in Asheville with mountain views? You may stop searching!

Bonito Ocaso is the best kept secret in the Asheville housing market! Tucked away in the rolling hills of Enka, this Tuscan-style neighborhood transports you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life into a peaceful mountain retreat. The homes in the neighborhood have attracted single families and retirees, making it as safe as it is beautiful. Just 3 miles away from the WNC Farmers Market, Asheville Outlets, and local bars and restaurants, you truly have the best balance between privacy and convenience.

As for the homes, you should see them to believe them. The terracotta roofs, house-front stone facades, and column-lined entryways give the neighborhood incredible curb appeal. Each house comes standard with natural gas, a covered patio, a stained driveway, and lawn service from the Bonito Ocaso HOA. But inside these homes, you will be just as impressed.

The 9 foot ceilings and abundance of natural light makes these homes inviting, with each layout having an open floorplan for hosting family or events. The maple cabinetry and granite countertops in the kitchen are standard along with the hardwood floors that run throughout most of the home. All homes are located on rolling hillsides, and most enjoy a direct mountain view! Even with all these incredible features, the greatest feature of this community is the value. These homes for sale range from $300-$400k. It would be challenging to find homes in Asheville with as much bang for your buck!

The residents of Bonito Ocaso enjoy local amenities such as the North Carolina Arboretum, access to Blue Ridge Parkway, and much more! Plus for your outdoor enthusiasts, there are tons of local options. The nearby Buncombe County Sports Park and the Bent Creek Experimental Forest together offer over 120 miles of walking/mountain biking trails. Nearby Zen Tubing is a great way to get the family out for a day on the water. But the abundance of outdoor activities does not overshadow the stunning Asheville downtown, only a 10 minute drive from your front door.

For more information on this community, contact our office at (828) 585-7370.

For the community website, click here: Bonito Ocaso.

Biltmore Lake

Biltmore Lake, North Carolina is by far one of the nicest real estate communities in the Asheville area. With many amenities in Biltmore Lake, as well as the surrounding area, it’s very hard to beat. From the townhomes to the single family homes, you cannot go wrong if you decide to purchase your next home in the Biltmore Lake area of Asheville, North Carolina.

The lake itself, which used to be called Enka Lake, is 62 acres. The local residents swim, fish, and boat on the lake and take advantage of all it has to offer. Not a fan of water recreation? Well that’s okay too, because there are over 4 miles of walking trails in the neighborhood. See the beautiful trees and forestry with your pet, as they are welcome on the trails.

If you are not a fan of the outdoors, that’s fine too because there are many clubs you can join that are filled with residents. Book clubs, bible study, card and board game groups are all very popular in the community. If you are looking for interaction with your neighbors and enjoy the outdoors, Biltmore Lake is the place to be. Biltmore Lake has so many amenities; you will be hard-pressed to find another community like this anywhere in Asheville and the surrounding area.

Biltmore Lake homes for sale currently include new construction as well as resale homes. The townhomes range from the lower $300’s while one of the larger homes in the community is just below $3 million. As you can see, there is quite a variety in homes for sale. The average real estate prices in the neighborhood are in the $500,000-$600,000 range. In my opinion, with the amenities that are supplied and the size of the home you purchase for the price, it makes a great value. Homes for sale in Biltmore Lake, North Carolina are not rare listings as the community is so large.

Please call The Eskritt Group today if you are interested in this community!

The community website:

See below for Homes for Sale in Biltmore Lake :

River Stone in Fletcher

River Stone in Fletcher, NC is one of the largest subdivisions in Fletcher and new homes are popping up every week. River Stone is a community that was developed by Windsor Built and it is a large rival of Livingston Farms, another huge community in Fletcher.

River Stone has different amenities than Livingston Farms but both have a fantastic location. River Stone has a community pool and clubhouse, dedicated green space, as well as walking trails. This beautiful community is still under construction as the builders keep adding more beautiful new homes.

River Stone homes for sale start at a great price and Windsor Built offers about 11 different floor plans to choose from. Homes start at $150,000 and go up from there. This community is made up entirely of Townhomes and single-family homes. The homes are very affordable and come with standard finishes.

Besides being affordable, the floor plans are very marketable, making this neighborhood very popular for first time homebuyers as well as retirees. The marketability of the homes also extends to resales for those who are looking to sell. The beautiful exteriors of many homes here have stone veneer. It appears there are different areas in the neighborhood because the style of homes and exteriors change as you drive through the neighborhood.

River Stone is located in Fletcher, of course and it has easy access to I-26 as well as Hendersonville Road. It’s less than 20 minutes to downtown Asheville and very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Sierra Nevada Brewery, which is located in Mills River, is also very close by! Location and affordability is key in this neighborhood, not to mention the lower taxes due to its location in Henderson County! The school district for River Stone is outlined below:

Elementary School – Glenn C. Marlow

Middle School – Rugby

High School – West Henderson

One last secret about this neighborhood that many people don’t know is that is qualifies for USDA financing. This means you can purchase a home in this neighborhood without putting any money down! The builders also offer different incentives to help first time homebuyers purchase homes! Let the Eskritt Real Estate Group help you obtain financing!

If you have more questions about this neighborhood or the homes for sale in River Stone, please do not hesitate to call The Eskritt Group because we have sold homes in River Stone and been through most, if not all, of the floorplans!

For more information on River Stone in Fletcher, please visit

See below for Homes for Sale in River Stone :

Reems Creek Valley

This picturesque area of real estate, just outside Weaverville, NC and North of Asheville, runs along Reems Creek in the valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. This area was the birthplace of Zebulon B. Vance. Vance was North Carolina’s Civil War governor and his birthplace is open for tours of this historic site along Reems Creek.

Downtown Asheville also recognizes Vance and has an obelisk similar to the Washington Monument in Washington DC, dedicated to him in Pack Square.  Vance Monument sits in the middle of Pack Square in the city center of Asheville.

Just to the East of Weaverville lies the Reems Creek Valley, which is considered one of the most scenic valleys in the greater Asheville area. The Reems Creek Golf Course and surrounding homes were built in this valley because of the scenic beauty and convenience of nearby cities like Weaverville and Asheville. This challenging golf course has fantastic views and many of the homes have golf course and mountain views. There is a wide range of home sizes within the Reems Creek Golf Course Community.

Homes are also available in the Reems Creek Villas, Reems Creek Village, Reems Creek Meadows and even some amazing townhomes with over 1,800 sq. ft.  All of these communities are serviced by public water and sewer, and have underground utilities and natural gas available.

All of the homes in this valley are perfect for year-round living or family or individual vacation homes. The golf course community has a pool, tennis courts and public golf club all surrounded by stunning mountain views.

Folks love the fact it is only 15 minutes to downtown Asheville and only 10 minutes to the UNC Asheville campus. Its only a few minutes to downtown Weaverville, which has one of the most vibrant and active art communities in the area with many artists living in this area that get inspiration from the mountain views.

I personally have taken the Weaverville Art Safari, which shows off the artists’ studios and their crafts and can attest to why they call this great place, ‘home’.

Call The Eskritt Real Estate Group and let us show you the homes for sale while exploring all that the Valley has to offer.

See below for Homes for Sale in Reems Creek :

Pinebrook Farms in Asheville

Pinebrook Farms in Asheville, NC is one of the most well known subdivisions for green-built, arts and crafts style homes. Right out in the country but close to the city, this residential community is just north of Asheville and south of Weaverville. Having about 127 home sites, this community boasts gorgeous nature trails, beautiful real estate, a flowing creek (Reems Creek), and a clubhouse with a pool and fitness area.

Aside from the great amenities this Asheville community has to offer, each home is built with the highest quality. Each home starts with hardwood and tiled floors, granite countertops, and large closet spaces. The siding is a big plus on these homes as they are all built with Hardiplank (Concrete fiber siding). Most of these one level living floor plans have at least 2 bedrooms and some even have 4 bedrooms.

All the homes in Pinebrook Farms come with a two car garage as well, even the low maintenance townhomes! These homes are not small by any means as the smallest home in the community has over 1,500 square feet and the larger models have over 3,500 square feet. Whatever type of home you are looking for, this community has it.

Pinebrook Farms has about 14 different designs for new homebuyers, which include single-family homes, townhomes, and carriage homes. Any home you like can be customized and built in under 60 days without reducing the craftsmanship, now that is fast!

Lifestyle Homes of Distinction, Inc. are the new home developers in this community. You may have heard of their other communities in the area such as The Village at Bradley Branch by the Asheville Airport. Lifestyle Homes is still building in this neighborhood meaning new construction as well as resale homes are available!

Let us help you when buying new homes construction or beautiful like-new resale homes, as you will need our representation! If you are looking for a beautiful home that’s green-built with a community that has TONS to offer their residents, please call The Eskritt Group today!

For more information on Lifestyle Homes, please visit

See below for Homes for Sale in Pinebrook Farms :


Montford in Asheville

Montford Historical District in Asheville, known primarily as Montford, is one of Asheville’s oldest and most established areas. Montford has a creative mix of residential homes, commercial buildings, as well as some of the best bed and breakfasts in town.

The reason Montford homes are so popular is due to its great location in the city of Asheville. On some of the farther sides of Montford, it’s only a 30-minute walk to downtown Asheville or a short drive. Being the historical district, the city of Asheville has set certain guidelines to follow as far as how home exteriors may look. More information can be found on the City of Asheville website or by giving The Eskritt Real Estate Group a call to discuss the details.

Many of the homes in this friendly Asheville neighborhood follow a Queen Victorian style with lots of unique architecture that is growing more and more rare in this area. Some homes still have the unique pebble-dash exterior which is a mix of concrete and stones to give that interesting texture, similar to what is found in Biltmore Village. The neighborhood is also very popular for income property as it’s a very desirable area to rent, being so close to downtown and only a few minutes away from the University of North Carolina, Asheville.

The single-family homes in Montford usually have an older style feel on the outside, but the insides of the homes can blow you out of the water! Many people come into these homes in Montford and completely gut the interior and update the home to their liking while keeping the exterior of the home the same, as there are guidelines one must follow should they choose to change it. Homes for sale in Montford are priced higher than the average home for sale in Asheville and range from the 200’s to 2,000,000’s depending on what you are looking for and whether you want a project or a move-in ready home.

Commercial buildings in Montford are usually comprised of offices, as well as some restaurants. Tod’s Tasties Cafe is located right on Montford Avenue and only uses local ingredients. If you are ever in the area, I would highly recommend stopping by to grab a delicious sandwich, coffee, and a decadent desert.

The reason bed and breakfasts are so popular in Montford is because most of the homes that were built (which is usually prior to 1950) were made with very large rooms. This attracts bed and breakfast owners because they allow their guests much privacy. These inns draw people from all over the world because of their architecture, the proximity to downtown and other amenities, as well as the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!

Call The Eskritt Real Estate Group and let us show you the homes for sale while exploring all that this historic district has to offer.

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