Asheville Real Estate Attorneys

Asheville Real Estate Attorneys at law provide legal interpretations, advice and representation for personal and business needs.  A multitude of legal matters exist, which is why many attorneys specialize in a particular area of law.  An attorney at law must be trained, certified, licensed (in the state they are practicing) and regulated by a bar association.

In real property transactions, an attorney can be retained to conduct a title examination for a particular property.  In the title examination, an attorney will trace the title of a property back through each owner to look for any potential clouds on the title.  The attorney will provide an opinion of the title for the purpose of issuance of a title insurance policy.  Most lenders require a title search before providing a mortgage to a borrower.  The attorney can also review the purchase contract, prepare the closing documents, coordinate the closing meeting and conduct the actual closing.

Attorneys have the legal authority to draft any necessary legal documents.  In real estate, this is useful as brokers are not legally allowed to draft a legal document, they can only fill in preprinted authorized forms.  Many legal documents need to be recorded within a specific county, and an attorney knows which documents to record.   An attorney will prepare the deed for closing on a property and record the deed afterwards.  Having the deed recorded gives public notice of the interest one has in real property.

Attorneys are fantastic resources for referrals of other business entities and can assist with negotiations in many dealings.  Forming business entities is another service an attorney can offer.  The complicated paperwork involved in creating such an entity can be handled through the attorney, as well as the costs associated with the formation.

The Eskritt Group recommends the following Asheville Real Estate Attorneys:

Goosmann Rose Colvard & Cramer, P.A.
77 Central Avenue, Suite H
Asheville, NC 28801

Richard Maita
35 A Montford Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801