Asheville Loan Officers

Loan officers evaluate, qualify, and recommend approval of loan applications for people and businesses. A loan officer usually works for a bank, credit union or mortgage company. Typically, a loan officer holds a bachelor’s degree in finance or economics and has earned a specific financial licenses for the state in which they work.
The first step in working with a loan officer is to assess your credit and see where you stand financially. The loan officer will then present financial options available to you. If possible, fill out an application ahead of your meeting. Bring at least six months worth of paystubs, a recent W-2, current bank statements and your employment history to your meeting. By completing these two tasks ahead of time, you will cut down on the amount of time it takes to process your loan request.
Communication is key when working with a loan officer as many financial terms and logistics are complicated for the average consumer. A loan officer should thoroughly explain and interpret the process of obtaining a loan, the costs associated with any transaction, and the typical paperwork involved with the procedure. Ask your loan officer if their organization has an inhouse underwriter. An underwriter assesses the loan and can take some time if it must be outsourced.
Make sure that you understand all of the conditions of your loan and the type of rate you receive. Is there a penalty if you pay off the loan early? What is your specific state’s law regarding early loan payoff? Ask as many questions as possible and make sure you receive copies of everything you have signed.
It is vital you connect your loan officer with any other party related to the transaction. Such as an attorney you retained to prepare closing documents for a property you are purchasing. Making sure everyone has the correct contact information will allow the transaction to flow smoothly and as quickly as possible.

The Eskritt Group Recommends the following Asheville Loan Officers:

Movement Mortgage

Movement Mortgage
Trevor Johnson
84 Coxe Avenue, Suite B
Asheville, NC 28801