Asheville Land Surveyors

Asheville Land Surveyors determine property boundaries and creates a map and survey plot based upon those boundaries.  The created survey is recorded in the register of deeds office and becomes a public record.  In North Carolina, only individuals who are actively licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors are legally allowed to conduct a survey.

Large amounts of research, mathematical calculations, and physical work are required by the surveyor.  Having a survey conducted  is the only way to officially know what ownership you have or will have in real property.  The survey will reveal any encroachments, easements, and setbacks.

An encroachment occurs on a property when another property illegally extends beyond the land of it’s owner and covers adjoining land.  For example, a neighbor adds a fence to their property 1 foot over their boundary line onto another property.  The fence in this scenario is encroaching on the other property.  Having a survey conducted would reveal such encroachments, which is important because an encroachment can potentially make both property titles unmarketable.

A survey will also reveal any easements currently attached to the property.  An easement is a nonpossessory right to use the land of another for a particular use and attaches to the property.  The transfer of property, such as when it is sold, does not terminate the easement.  When buying real property, an attorney should be consulted if a question of an easement exists.

Setbacks are also reflected in a survey and indicate the distance a structure has from items such as streets, rivers, or septic tanks.  Setbacks are typically set through zoning ordinances and a survey will discover if any violations exist.

Since every parcel of land is different, the cost of a survey varies on several factors, such as the size of the plot.  When consulting surveyors, provide the property location to the surveyor and ask for a quote.

The Eskritt Group recommends the following Asheville Land Surveyors:

Jim Ellis
525 Old Fort Road
Fairview, NC 28730
James Ellis Land Surveyor