Asheville Home Warranty

When purchasing or selling a home, you should consider adding on a home warranty. Many of the working home appliances are covered, as well as certain plumbing, electrical and heating issues. The cost of a home warranty is typically minimal for how much it covers in the long term.

As with any warranty, each company offers specific coverages and exclusions. Make sure to find out which items and home conditions are covered under each warranty plan you research and match it to your greatest home need. Many warranties have additional optional coverages for a fee, so you can customize the warranty to your home’s potential needs.
For someone selling their home, offering to purchase the warranty for a potential buyer is an affordable added value to the property and reassuring to the buyer. The warranty makes home repairs easier and more affordable. Also, some home warranty companies allow sellers a free home warranty for the life of the listing, which would be paid at closing. If it does not close, then the seller does not pay. It is an added bonus for the sellers and the home warranty company will then transfer the policy to the buyer.

A home warranty differs from homeowner’s insurance because the warranty is intended to cover normal wear and tear to an appliance or system in the home. When you purchase homeowner’s insurance, the policy covers the home itself and specific items within the home due to a covered loss or event. For example, if a plumbing issue causes damage to your flooring, the insurance policy may pay to clean or replace the flooring. A warranty may pay to repair what actually caused the plumbing issue, like a broken pipe.

If an appliance or system within the home fails and is covered under the warranty, a representative from the company will contact a local provider and arrange for the repairs to be completed. If the covered appliance or system cannot be repaired, depending on your warranty plan, the home warranty company may replace and install the appliance or system. Usually, there is a minimal service fee for the homeowner to pay out-of-pocket.
Before ever having an appliance or system repaired or replaced, contact your home warranty provider first to file a claim. If you have it fixed or replaced before notifying the warranty company, then your claim may be denied.

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2-10 Home Buyer Warranty

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