Asheville Home Inspectors

Hiring Asheville Home Inspectors is an extremely important step in the home buying process.  Through an inspection, a homebuyer is able to obtain a clear view and understanding as to the condition of the home they are interested in purchasing.  Only inspectors licensed by the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board are allowed to perform home inspections.

Asheville Home Inspectors will examine any visible and accessible areas of the home, such as the roof, floors, plumbing and heating/air conditioning.  The inspector will also examine installed appliances of the property.  Another key component of the inspection is to analyze any moisture in the home, especially with regard to mold.  The inspection will reveal what, if any, repairs are needed up to the date the inspection was completed.

It is advisable that a homebuyer be present when the inspection is conducted.  This will allow the inspector to discuss findings with you, especially any discovered problems with the home. Typically, an inspection takes two-three hours depending on the size and age of the property.

Asheville Home Inspectors usually charge between $300-$500, depending on the size of the home and the services being provided.  After a home inspection is completed, an inspector will usually send out a report of the findings within 24-48 hours.  This report has photos, as well as, descriptions of the findings that need to be repaired or further inspected by a licensed specialist.  The report is the property of the homebuyer, and the inspector is not allowed to share this document with anyone else.  It is up to the homebuyer if they wish to provide a copy of the report to anyone else.

If any repairs have been made after the initial inspection, a re-inspection can be conducted (for an additional fee) and the repairs can be evaluated at that time.

The Eskritt Group recommends the following Asheville Home Inspectors:

Quality Home Consultants - Asheville Home Inspectors

Quality Home Consultants

(828) 687-7221
PO Box 583
Mountain Home, NC 28738

A Well Home
(828) 989-0450
(774) 212-0405
P.O. Box 18759
Asheville, NC 28814