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Hiring the right Asheville Accountants and CPAs for various transactions can be tremendously beneficial.  With the exception of tax season, many people often misunderstand when and why an accountant is needed. Finding a reputable, legitimate, and professional Certified Public Accountant, (CPA) can be one of the best financial decisions a person ever makes.

CPAs, earn advanced degrees and are licensed to act as advisers to individuals, businesses, and financial institutions.  CPAs follow stringent guidelines and have worked hard to earn this notorious designation.  In addition to preparing an individual’s taxes, CPAs can also help with financial planning and offer investment advice.

For real estate, a CPA can be beneficial in terms of buying and selling property with regard to taxes.  For example, a CPA can see if a specific property investment would qualify for a 1031 exchange, which could potentially allow for a federal tax deferment.  Only a licensed tax professional, such as a CPA should be consulted for such advice.

CPAs can save you money on your annual state and federal taxes.  A CPA is knowledgeable of specific available tax credits, such as those for charitable contributions made throughout the year.  If you own rental property, a CPA is highly recommended to help with the special tax situations you will find along the way.  If you buy and sell stocks and mutual funds, a CPA can determine the dividends taxed at varying rates.

When determining which CPA to hire, there a few key components to evaluate.  What type of experience does the CPA have?  How does the CPA communicate with their clients?  Is their CPA license currently active for and in the state they are practicing?  What kind of professional reputation does the CPA have?

Think of your wants, needs, and goals prior to meeting with a CPA and write them down.  You’ll want to review these during your first meeting to evaluate if the CPA is the right fit.

The Eskritt Group recommends the following Asheville Accountants and CPAs:

Austin CPA - Asheville Accountants and CPAs
Asheville Accountants and CPAs

Austin CPA, PC
301 West Haywood St.
Asheville, NC 28801

Small Business Alternatives
1527 Smokey Park Hwy.
Candler, NC 28715
(828) 665-2571